This Is What Your Favorite Flower Says About You and Your Personality

Every wonder what your favorite flower says about you? Specifically your personality and sense of style? With all the pretty colors and enticing scents to pick from in the flower kingdom, the bloom you like best really does say a lot about you.

Your choices don’t necessarily mean you’re a shrinking violet or have a rosy disposition, but some of the findings might surprise you.

Below is an alphabetized list of popular flowers. Check out what your favorites say about your personality as well as your sense of style.

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You:

This Is What Your Favorite Flower Says About You and Your Personality Carnation

Carnation lovers are practical folks who prefer life’s simple pleasures and shun the pretentious. They give wonderful advice when asked for it and enjoy learning about philosophy and foreign languages. Their style choices are timeless and subtle.


These are a favorite of the gregarious and optimistic, the bubbly people with the loudest laugh and the funniest jokes. They are dependable, hardworking problem solvers who put their family and friends first. Their style choices are a mixture of modern and classic with a preference for bold patterns and a variety of color.


Daffodils are the flower of choice for people who are artistic and peaceful. Their organizational skills help these multi-taskers as they work, always striving for excellence. Their style choices are traditional and they tend to prefer pastel colors.


People who prefer the daisy have sunny dispositions, a great sense of humor, and an optimistic outlook on life. These friendly folks like to spend time outside enjoying nature. Their style preferences are classic and tend toward florals and natural materials.


If this is your flower of choice, you probably tend to be nostalgic and are lucky at love and most things you do. ‘You only live once’ is your motto, since you don’t want to have any regrets when you look back on things. Your style choices are romantic and geometric patterns catch your eye.


This is a favorite of adventurous and romantic people who tend to daydream about running away to faraway places. Their fashion choices include bright colors, Asian design, and soft romantic elements.


A bubbly, outgoing personality marks this personality type. Gladiolus are popular with people who live for adventure, have a zest for life, and love to travel. Their style choices are eclectic yet fashionable.


A flower for the moody and sensitive people with an emotional side they aren’t afraid to show. They are delicate yet contentious, and they don’t avoid controversy. Monochromatic style choices are their go-to.


The iris is a flower favored by the meditative and spiritual, the daydreamers and creative thinkers with active imaginations. They are free spirits easily bored with the ordinary. They keep their word and take it personally when others let them down. Their style choices are simple and classic, with a few whimsical elements that take center stage.


People who prefer lilacs are vivacious, nostalgic, and romantic at heart. They’re outgoing with a sense of humor, and tend to decorate with antiques that remind them of past eras. Their style is romantic and unique.


Lilies are a favorite of the kind-hearted who love to help other people. They are independent, dignified, and well respected by their peers. They have quite a flair for fashion, especially in the shoe department.

Lily of the Valley

People with this favorite are happy and humble, but a mama bear when it comes to protecting their loved ones. They’re selfless and often put others ahead of themselves. As for their style preference, they’re minimalist who like a splash of color.


Magnolias are the favorite of strong, influential families. It’s a flower for the graceful and elegant who want the very best life has to offer and who refuse to settle for second best. Their style leans toward the traditional, yet bold.

Morning Glory

People with this favorite tend to plan out their days ahead of time, have a sharp eye for detail, and are as reflective as they are observant. They like to help other people organize their belongings. They prefer a simple, modern style.


Like the flower itself, people who love orchids are mysterious and exotic with a small group of trusted friends. They are on the cutting edge in their fashion choices–bold and sexy.


This flower is for caring people with hearts of gold who are comfortable in their surroundings. They have smiling faces and know how to listen. Their style is feminine and classic.


The poppy goes hand in hand with a quirky personality. These vibrant and unconventional souls live to experience new things. They are enthusiastic people comfortable in their own skin, and are outspoken and intelligent. Their style choices are classic and colorful, while at the same time cinematic and bold.


This is a favorite of perfectionists who might be a touch old-fashioned, but love adventure and travel. They love learning about other cultures and traditions. Their style choices are classical and romantic.


Chances are that if you favor sunflowers, you’re probably the belle of the ball and life of the party. These flowers are for the energetic optimist with a wide circle of friends. Their style choices tend toward the modern, with a preference for bright, vivid color schemes.

Sweet Pea

People who choose the sweet pea are polite, well-mannered, and very charming in general. They love to socialize and try very hard to keep everybody else happy while not stepping on any toes. Their style tends to be unique but simple.


Tulips are for the sweet and sensitive, and for those who have a variable social circle, depending on their current moods and interests. They are easygoing, adaptable to change, and enjoy variety in their food and fashion. Their style choices are vibrant and classy.


People who prefer violets tend to be quiet and soft-spoken. Private and sensitive, they are honest and loyal to their small group of close friends. Their style is understated, multi-layered, and elegant.

More or less, those are what your favorite flower says about you and your personality type. What does YOUR favorite flower say about you?