15 Things To Remember If You Really Want To Be Happy

It’s not easy but know that there are certain things to remember if you really want to be happy. The road to happiness is not a tough one, so it’s not surprising to come across people that expect their joy to fall into their laps. Waiting for true happiness to find you is a one guaranteed way to put off finding true joy while feeling good, hoping it will come.

We are all equipped with the abilities we need to create our own happiness. Sometimes it takes a little mental prodding to remind ourselves that we have this power. So often, creating happiness goes against the messages that are thrown at us from society, well-meaning peers, and our inner critics.

Take a deep breath and let this list of things to remember to be happy help you find your steps on your path to happiness. These are only a few tips out of many, so they’re only a starting place. Take care, and above all, be happy!

15 Things To Remember In Order To Be Happy

15 Things To Remember If You Really Want To Be Happy ~ https://thepowerofhappy.com/things-to-remember-to-be-happy/1. Happiness Isn’t Something that Happens to You

We often forget that we create our own happiness by the choices we make. We can choose to be happy in any circumstance.

2. Remember to Care for Yourself

Neglecting self-care can open the door to turning away from happiness. Happiness flows from a healthy body and mind.

3. Accept that You’ll Make Mistakes

We all make a mistake or two trying to create our happiness. It happens. Make that mistake, learn from it, and let it go. On that same note…

4. Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself

Don’t let your inner critic step up and berate you for making those mistakes. Yes, you goofed up, but you learned how to not make happiness. That’s still a success. Focus on that.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s easy to envy someone else’s happiness or progress, but don’t let that be the yardstick with which you compare your own happiness to. Their path isn’t your own, and only you can determine how far you have come.

6. Embrace the Present Moment

You have one moment to make yourself the happiest you can, and that is the present. Past moments have already been sealed, but making right now a happy moment can set off a chain reaction for a happier future.

7. Appreciate What You Have

In a world that sends us messages saying we can’t be happy until we have something else, it’s even more important to be grateful for what we do have. Fortunately, we have everything we need to make us happy no matter what.

8. Remember Your Purpose

We all have something that we live for, even if its name remains hidden. Get in contact with that purpose, and never forget it. Keeping this purpose in heart leads to a blossoming of happiness.

9. There is No Rush

There seems to be a focus on young people who find success early in life. However, happiness isn’t a race. No matter when you find it, as long as you find it is all that matters.

10. Happiness Isn’t Always Easy

It takes guts to stand up and create your happiness. You may have to do scary things, take leaps of faith and risk losing close friends. Happiness may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it.

11. Let Go of Perfection

Our inner critic lies to create this image of what happiness is supposed to look like. When we get close, but lose a few details, we become dismayed and unhappy. Let go of that image and embrace happiness as it comes to you, no matter the form.

12. Listen to your Intuition

The inner voice of your heart is there to guide to you towards happiness and a purpose-filled life. However, we’ve been trained to ignore that voice for far too long. Learn to listen to your intuition as you find happiness and it will take you in the right direction.

13. Remember your Dreams

We all have grand dreams. Remembering them and following them brings us happiness. No matter if it’s simple or grandiose, if you have a dream you’ve always wanted to manifest, you can believe that happiness will follow.

14. Stay Positive

Happiness is as much a mindset as much as it is an emotion. Negative thoughts are easy to give into when things start to fall apart, but keeping a fix on the positive can help you stay happy in the midst of shadow and defeat.

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15. Don’t Chase Happiness

It seems that the recipe for happiness can be bought in just about anything, but the truth is what makes one person happy may not make you happy. Chasing happiness might fill a void, but it may also lead to a deeper disconnect or discontentment. Don’t try to chase down happiness; if it feels like you’re following the wrong lead, then you may need to turn around and try again. Listen to your intuition; it will not lead you astray.

Note down and bear in mind always these things to remember so you can be happy at all times.