6 Ways to Make Room for New Blessings in Your Life

Do you sometimes feel like life’s blessings are simply passing you by? You look everywhere around you and feel like everyone is being blessed except you. Of course, you will feel a little cheated if you focus on how much other people are having. For you, their happiness seems endless and everything that is going on with their lives is always a success.

But the truth is that you deserve those kind of blessings too. It is possible for you to be blessed as well and sometimes all it takes is knowing how you can make room for more blessings into your life.

The first step in doing so is always the same though… First you need to see what blessings you already have in your life. We are all blessed even if it doesn’t feel like it. So before anything else, take some time to think about the ways in which you are already blessed.

Next, take a look at these 5 ways to make room for new blessings in your life.

6 Ways to Make Room for New Blessings in Your Life ~1. Let go of hate. Hold no grudges.

Among the surest ways for you to prevent blessings from coming in to your life is by holding on to grudges. Lack of forgiveness clouds the heart with pure negative energy and pretty soon, it will make you feel that every blessings in your life have disappeared. Everything becomes a burden.

Make an honest attempt to forgive other people who have done you wrong, and as hard as it may seem, if you learn to forgive, you will also feel lighter instantly. Give it a try.

If a conflict is beyond resolution, simply take the high road and agree to disagree. You are allowed to see thins your way and the other person is allowed to see things their way. Focus on the good side of every situation. If you find that is still too difficult, simply try to focus on the better things in life—like your friends or family.

2. Love yourself.

This is more than the typical cliche phrase to love yourself. This means to really, truly, unconditionally love yourself. Tell yourself you are loved, take care of yourself the same way as you care for someone you love and be your own best friend. Make loving yourself part of your everyday. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly how to love yourself. Here is a great resource: Whatever Arises, Love That.

3. Unpack emotional baggage.

Aside from anger and hate, baggage, the emotional kind, can also come in the form of depression and sadness. Unhealthy relationships or being at odds with your closest friends, for instance, could be very disheartening and bring you down regularly.

Wallowing in sadness is important at times and helpful to move beyond it. The same goes for anger and depression. They serve a very real and very important purpose for you. By allowing yourself to feel these things, you can more easily unpack them. Once you process these emotions, you will notice they dissipate.

When we make the choice to be with our emotions – unpack them and sit with them, rather than denying them, we process them appropriately. Soon thereafter, you notice that you are lighter and more free and the heavy weight of emotional baggage just isn’t there in the same way anymore.

Only then can you start building your pool of blessings.

4. Be kind.

Life is pretty simple: give kindness to everyone, including yourself and things become easier. Find compassion for others and their journey as well as for yourself and your journey. Create room for more kindness and love to grow.

The truth is there are plenty of opportunities to be kind to others each day. Find ways to be compassionate to others and their plight. Likewise, make simple acts such as smiling at a stranger or holding the door for someone else become part of how you live. Commit to saying kind words or positive things to others, about others and to yourself and about yourself. You will feel more blessings entering your life this way.

5. Recognize that you’re always doing your best.

Whatever you do, it is always worth it doing well and we should put our best foot forward in all that we do. Some days this might mean one level of effort and on other days, it might means something entirely different. Know that in setting out to do your best, that you are doing your best, even if it feels like you’re not. Some days, doing your best may mean simply getting out of bed. Other days, maybe it may mean staying in bed. Simply recognizing that whatever it is that you get done is your best, blessings will begin to flow.

Likewise, recognize that everyone else out there is doing the best they can as well. Sure, this doesn’t mean that we can’t do better. It just means everyone has their own unique things happening and going on behind the scenes and that we offer grace and the recognition that we’re all doing what we can each day. Believe in this and watch the blessings come your way.

6. Be thankful. Acknowledge even the smallest of blessings.

Do you always make it a habit of expressing gratitude for all the the blessings you are receiving each day? No matter how small, learn to be grateful and thankful of your blessings. Remember: even the littlest of things are valuable. Do not overlook these things and you feel happier about your life in general and you will also continue receiving them!

Even just being able to see the sun rise each passing day is a blessing in itself so value it. Many people cannot even enjoy the simplest luxuries in life so be thankful of what you have today. You will be happier and you will be more blessed.