12 Things Happy People Do Differently

For most happy people, happiness is not a constant state of being. Dwelling on our misfortunes is easier, undoubtedly, than putting in the time to discover how to become truly happy. Distracting ourselves from reality may make negative feelings go away temporarily, but they will resurface. It takes work to be a truly happy person.

When you feel as if you have experienced the moments of your life with honesty and wonder, it will give you a deep feeling of satisfaction and happiness, even when those moments may have been sad or difficult.

We’ve all grown up ingrained with values and habits. Hold onto the positive ones and embrace the 12 ideas below and you will find yourself on a more centered, grateful, and happy journey throughout life.

12 Things Happy People Do Differently:

12 Things Happy People Do Differently - https://thepowerofhappy.com/things-happy-people-do/

1. Happy people accept the situation.

Also known as living in the present, there is no path to happiness if you can’t focus on how hard things are where you are in a tough spot. Happiness is not a permanent smile on your face, but rather a deep confidence that arises from experiencing the multitude of emotions in life and being able to tell the difference.

2. They express gratitude.

Being happy means you are appreciative. When something happens that helps you and brings a smile to your face, you can without reservation express gratitude to the person or environment that made that possible. By thanking those kind to us, we are recognizing that they made us happy and in turn bringing them happiness.

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3. They praise others.

Commonly in our youth we strive to do everything well, we want to be the best at so much that we lose focus on what we can truly offer the world. By recognizing that others have different skills and talents and praising others around us, we bring happiness to others and view ourselves as praise-worthy as well.

4. They forgive others.

Holding onto a grudge is a toxic habit that has no place in your life if you are truly happy. True contentment comes from forgiving those around us for their transgressions, even when we felt truly hurt or wronged. It does not heal the hurt, but it allows you to rise above it.

5. They trust.

Some believe the universe or a higher power has some plan about how our lives should play out. Others want to have control over every element of their lives. Trusting in our life path isn’t about believing in anything in particular, but instead accepting where we are at in our lives and trusting that no matter what, life does go on.

6. They love.

Happy people love without reservation, they love with a full and open heart. Showing love to those you are closest to and those you don’t even know is hard for some because it can invite in some much heartbreak when loved ones leave our lives or are hurt. Loving fully is brave and strong in a world where anyone can be taken at any time.

7. They see the world as abundant.

When you feel the world is full of possibilities, it is. The sky is the limit and nothing is impossible when you don’t shut yourself off to the possibilities the world offers.

8. They take responsibility.

Responsibility isn’t always fun, but owning your actions is something happy people always do. Accepting your mistakes allows you to grow from them and learn even more about what makes you happy in the first place.

9. They dream big.

Who says you can’t climb Mt. Everest or write a novel? Whatever your dream may be, happy people know that setting goals, even if they seem impossible, are inspiring and that if you truly never give up, you will find happiness and success.

10. They are gentle with themselves.

That harsh voice in your head that is constantly nit-picking? Happy people don’t listen to it. We are only human, and prone to mistakes. It’s how we learn. Dwelling on our faults does not help us improve. Train your inner voice to be gentle and kind to yourself.

11. They are present and engaged.

Our modern world is filled with distractions. To truly be present in the moment can be hard when the instant gratification of a smart phone is available, but the genuine happiness that comes from learning from other people and nature around us is worth so much more.

12. They do the best they can.

Giving a full effort to all you do will make you feel fulfilled inside and show those around you that you care enough to really try. It isn’t a good feeling to come up just short, especially when you are capable of more. Happy people give it their best shot and reap praise for it.