15 Small Things That Really Help You Feel Happier

Life is a balancing act of responsibilities, learning and emotions. Learning to feel happy and confident in who we are is a lifelong journey. Navigating that journey while being kind and empathetic and learning from those around us makes for a happy life.

Many of us can point to large milestones or belongings that we believe would make us happy. But what about the smaller things? The simple things we often forget to take into account?

It is often through the small things that we discover happiness in our lives.

Here are 15 Small Things That Help You Feel Happier

15 Small Things That Really Help You Feel Happier - https://thepowerofhappy.com/small-things-that-help-you-feel-happier/1. Drink Water

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Water is the largest building block of our bodies and our planet. Covering the vast majority of the earth and filling the vast majority of our bodies, it is simply the most important thing we take for granted. Drink it in abundance and immerse yourself in natural bodies of water as therapeutic relief for your soul.

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2. Get into Some Nature

Not all of us have the luxury of living immersed in nature, but we can all make an effort to walk through some everyday. Researchers have shown that people that walk through nature significantly reduce their levels of stress and increase their feelings of wellbeing as compared to people that walk only in urban environments.

3. Put Away the Screen

Technology is amazing and no one is denying that. However there is a limit of how much screen time is healthy for each individual. We shouldn’t be spending our entire work day staring at a computer only to come home and continue that all night. Take time everyday to take a break from all screens and see how your mood improves.

4. Spend time with Animals

Pets are a big responsibility but they can truly put a smile on your face, and some help keep you active and exercising. Whether it’s giving your pet a cuddle or visiting ducks at a pond, observing and engaging with animals will make you laugh and feel comforted.

5. Get Dirty

Getting our hands in dirt and helping something grow has been a measure of pride for humans since they first developed agriculture. Even if you aren’t farming a cash crop, planting flowers and watching them grow will remind you of how beautiful life can be.

6. Make Some Food with Family and Friends

You don’t need to be a star chef to care for your friends and family with a home-cooked meal. Getting everybody together may be no small feat, but once you’re all around the dinner table you’ll be sure to experience happiness and hopefully pride at feeding everyone a healthy meal.

7. Travel

Traveling is incredibly important because it shows us the multitude of cultures and natural beauty in the world. By understanding the differences in our cultures we can become less judgmental and more open to ideas we might not have considered before. Even if you can’t afford to go far, try go someplace or at least make a plan that  you will someday.

8. Listen to Music

Proven to decrease cortisone levels and bring back memories, listening to a special song can tug your heartstrings or make you smile with joy. There is no better way to transform your mood into a happy one than to put on a song that reminds you of a special moment in your life.

9. Stretch in the Morning

Before you do anything else in the morning, take a moment to stretch. Help prepare your body for the day by opening up your muscles and joints and you’ll feel less stressed and happier.

10. Play with Children

Children have a way of suspending reality and fully immersing into play, which can make them happy and less concerned with what other people think then adults. By playing your children or young relatives, you too can feel more carefree and happy.

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11. Sleep Well

There is no shortage of research that all concludes how vital a good night’s sleep is. Yet we constantly shortchange ourselves of this luxury in our busy, modern world. Make sleep a priority and see how your life improves.

12. Exercise

Exercise triggers endorphins which literally do make you happy! Aside from keeping you healthy and giving you a good self-image, these endorphins are addictive and very important to a happy life.

13. Help Others in Need

It’s easy to become self-pitying when times become hard, which they unfortunately always will from time to time in life. A simple way to get out of a slump of self-pity is to help someone by volunteering your time. You’ll gain perspective and boost your mood.

14. Read

Similarly to how travel can open our eyes and free us of many prejudices, reading can open up worlds we didn’t know existed. Expand your mind by reading. You’ll get out of your box and feel happier and more informed.

15. Talk Positively to Yourself

Create a positive self-dialogue wherein you don’t get into the habit of beating yourself up. Instead of thinking about how you’ll never be able to accomplish a goal, tell yourself you’re improving and that with practice you can achieve what you set out to do.