4 Important Ways To Seriously Simplify Your Life

Really–how to seriously simplify your life?

When life becomes too stressful or hectic, getting realigned with what is important can be difficult and confusing. Between modern technology, an overwhelming pile of “stuff,” and a need to keep up with friends and family, sometimes there is just too much going on to focus on what is really meaningful.

When situations like this happen, simplifying your life is a great way to return your focus to the things you really care about.

Simplifying your life can come in many different forms, but letting go of the clutter and focusing on what you truly need can be freeing and liberating. Instead of allowing yourself to be tied down to possessions, items, or digital relationships, removing the confusion and chaos from your life can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

But what is the best way to simplify your lifestyle?

Here are some important ways to seriously simplify your life…

4 Important Ways To Seriously Simplify Your Life https://thepowerofhappy.com/ways-to-simplify-your-life/1. Cut Down Screen Time

Okay, so, not everyone can completely cut out their mobile phone and technology time. Most of us rely on the internet, email, and messaging systems for work and to communicate about projects, timelines, and more. Likewise, utilizing technology can keep us significantly more organized and streamlined.

Even if we do rely heavily on technology, we can still cut out needless time on the screen. Consider the time you spend on a screen when you don’t really need to or, more importantly, consider time you spend on a screen when there is something else you should be doing. Try cutting back on unnecessary screen time.

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2. Work on Decluttering

Many of us store bins and boxes of things. We store them away for another time, a certain season, or even just in case we should ever need it again. But while putting your winter coat away for the summer can help save space in your closet, all too often we forget about the things we’ve packed up. Likewise, we put things away and then rather than using them again in the future, we buy new items instead. These things sit in their boxes, tucked away in the basement or attic, until we eventually open it back up because we’re curious about what is inside.

We do the same with things lying around our homes. If you have somehow managed to save up a pile of old magazines, books you’ve already read, clothes that have gone out of style or are no longer in your size, or other items you don’t really need anymore, take some time to get rid of it. While you may feel some kind of sentimental pull or a fear that you may someday regret throwing out that item, keeping it around your house can actually make you feel stressed and cramped.

Additionally, there are others out there that could use the things you have stored up and are ignoring. Donating is a great way to declutter.

3. Focus on Your Important Relationships

You can never have too many friends, but when you’re stretching yourself thin trying to stay in contact with each of them, you may be focusing on too many people. Focusing on maintaining toxic relationships with individuals who aren’t great for you can be an additional problem.

Think about the relationships that really mean something to you and put your energy into them. When you surround yourself with people that truly care about you and who you truly care about, you will feel happier and less stressed.

4. Give The Things You Do Your Full Attention

Problems arise when we try to multitask or focus on too many things at once. We forget about important events, don’t do necessary steps to complete our jobs, or something just falls on the back-burner and is never returned to the front. When you start too many projects without completing one you already started, your life becomes cluttered and imbalanced.

Start giving your full attention to each project or task you complete, even if it is something as simple as paying your bills or doing your laundry. Before you start a new task, finish the one that you’re working on to the extent that you can and then move onto something new. As you check things off your to-do list, you’ll feel more accomplished and as if you have free time.

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The whole point of living a simple life is about recognizing what is really important to you and not allowing yourself to become distracted by extra frills, needless activities, or temporary people. When you keep the core of your life as simple and true to you as possible, you are giving yourself room to grow and become who you truly want to be. By removing toxic friendships, unnecessary clutter, reducing screen time, and focusing on each task individually, we can begin living a seriously simplified life.