10 Easy Ways To Simplify And Declutter Your Life

Declutter And Simplify Your Life with These Steps

Simplify and declutter your life now! Life passes us by so quickly. Sometimes things happen too quickly that things get out of hand. Soon enough, the entire house is in a state of ruckus and you are more stressed than you have ever been.

But did you know that apart from being emotionally taxing, this clutter can also be unhealthy for you?

10 Easy Ways to Simplify and Declutter Your Life

Don’t worry – it’s not an impossible undertaking. You CAN organize and declutter your home AND your life by following these 10 simple tips.

10 Easy Ways to Simplify and Declutter Your Life - https://thepowerofhappy.com/ways-to-simplify-and-declutter-your-life1. Begin with the obvious.

Often, having a busy work schedule means that you don’t have enough time to clean and organize at home. It can be effective to start with changes that are the most noticeable.

For example, organize your closets, clothes, and collections first. By clearing these areas first, you are able to get back more room that you can use for other things later.

2. Designate a spot for everything.

Have specific places for all your things. After using them, be sure to return them back to these designated spots. This also applies to things that you don’t use often but would like to keep because of sentimental value. A wise way to go about these is through categorizing. Separate items into four categories: Toss, Recycle, Donate, and Keep.

It can be beneficial to have a minimalistic approach. For instance, you can donate things that are still functional but you don’t use often. This way, you can also help others in need.

3. Minimize your shopping.

One of the biggest ways to accumulate junk at home is by constantly shopping for things – especially those you know you won’t actually use. Keep your purchases to a minimum – save them for the essentials.

If you do need to keep miscellaneous items around (bill stubs, letters, greeting cards) – be sure to keep only the most necessary ones and dispose of the ones that you can as soon as you are done with them.

4. Stick to a routine.

Create a routine to streamline your daily schedule. For example, if mornings are especially hectic, find some of the tasks that you usually do during that time and instead perform them the night before (preparing your kids’ lunches, cooking meals, etc). By preparing a bigger quantity of your dishes, you can store some in the freezer and just reheat it for later use. This gives you more time to accomplish other tasks.

Work smart. Cluster your tasks wisely – for instance, if you need to run errands that are located near each other, cluster these tasks together to save energy and time. This gives you more space for other appointments.

5. Every little bit helps.

Cleaning up as you go can do wonders for your home. This minimizes the need for tidying up later on. For example, as soon as you’re done using one thing, immediately return it to where it belongs.

Have a set time during the day for replying to emails, checking phone messages, and other related tasks – they may sound menial but actually take up a lot of time.

6. Remove unnecessary activities.

Take some time to reflect on your family’s activities and tasks. If there are any that don’t add any value to your life, then eliminate them to free up more time and energy for the family.

7. Create lists.

They say everybody loves lists and for good reason. Utilize lists wisely. At night, list down what you need to accomplish the next day. Make separate lists for home chores and work tasks.

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Try hard to check out the more important entries first. This way, even if unexpected circumstances happen, you would have already finished the essential tasks on your list.

8. Find a few moments to reflect.

It might seem impossible, but do find a few minutes to slow down and reflect. This can help you calm down, avoid over-stressing yourself, and refresh your concentration.

Avoid being in overdrive for too long, because that can be exhausting and counterproductive. A few minutes of quiet can do wonders for you and keep you in balance.

9. Be mindful and thankful at ALL times.

It is inevitable to have chores and tasks that are less enjoyable than others. However, by approaching them with mindfulness and gratitude, you reduce the stress that they cause you.

By being thankful, you entertain a more positive environment and harbor minimal stress in your day.

10. Choose positive relationships.

We are all humans – some days we feel “toxic” than usual. You must learn to nurture your relationships and offer yourself to those around you. Know that you need to find balance, though. Being constantly exposed to toxic relationships can be detrimental to you.

If you can, minimize relationships which are toxic to save your energy and avoid added stress on your part.

Follow these ten tips to simplify and declutter your life. Stick with organization, simplification, and mindfulness to have a stress-free, happy life daily.